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Reinventing Hiring

Our Hiring Experience Platform (HEP) allows brands make informed, data-driven hiring decisions at large scale.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our proprietary digital solution and network eliminate the need to use long forms for onboarding candidates. We aim to meet your hiring needs by providing you with the right candidate as soon as possible.

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Candidate Onboarding Experience

Already have a hiring system/process? By reinventing the way you gather and evaluate candidate data, we can help you optimize your entire hiring process. A job posting can be transformed into an interview within hours, not weeks or days.

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Talent Pool & Talent Acqusition

Our job postings are designed to convert the best candidates across the globe to new hires. Is your goal to diversify your hiring by going after talent in Africa, Asia, and Latin America? You're in the right place with us.

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For Professionals

Our solution gives you an end to end preparation/validation platform, that gets you ready for your first job.

Resume Builder

An app-less environment for professionals to create their resume using a pool of work information. You can easily track the type of information you share with recruiters while also keeping track of your overall career growth and journey.

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Job Post and Gig Marketplace

We give regular updates to our network on job opportunities they could apply for. Engage in projects on our contribution as a service platform to earn without the hassle of marketing to clients or interacting directly with clients.

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Cross Border Payments Management.

We understand receiving payments to some parts of the world isn’t exactly a smooth ride. Our wallet services gives you the easy collection of payments from your clients and employeers anywhere in world.

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Growth Experience Platform

Our Growth Experience Platform (GEP) is a learning content curation program that helps self-learning professionals gain industry-standard skills, and validate their understanding with practical case studies delivered in a supervised environment. Our goal is to help standardize informal learning outcome for every professional across the world.

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Automating repetition and driving work culture value.

Why Little Cubicle

We boldly push boundaries for our customers, but at the end of the day— we’re all about doing what makes them happy. We understand that actively integrating smart solutions can become a very crucial way of creating productive work culture. The way we see it, the only way to achieve this type of feat is by achieving it together with our customers, so we set goals and focus on ‘our customer's expectation’ at every milestone.

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For corporates

Our commitment to corprates is

  • - Reducing time to hire
  • - Premium Vetting
  • - Due Dilligence.
This commitment makes us utilize digital process that automates right and generate the type of result we would expect.

For professionals

To ensure professionals have the best way to show what they can do and still have the flexible to grow in what they are passionate about. We are always excited about professionals having visibility around their creativity and expertise.

Getting Started with Little Cubicle

Through our Hiring Experience Platforms (HEP), Little Cubicle is a leader in talent, data, and optimization. We help organizations hire the best candidate using a data driven approach considering hundreds of data points. Ready to take your hiring process to the next level? If you have questions about our products or services, our experts are here to help with:

  • Hiring Requirement/Objectives
  • Little Cubicle Product Capabilities
  • Customized Demo
  • Pricing Information

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